Sunday, March 28, 2021

19. Help Your Kids Learn and Love the Bible

Help Your Kids Learn and Love the Bible. Danika Cooley. 2021. [June] 208 pages. [Source: Review copy]

First sentence: Erik’s tone from the backseat was serious. “Why does the Bible call Jonah a prophet and not a missionary?” “I don’t know.” I’m seriously not up for this today. “Buddy, you’re three. Hey, look at that train! Doesn’t it have a lot of cars?”

I recently finished reading Danika Cooley's Help Your Kids Learn and Love the Bible. It was written with parents in mind; parents with children of all ages in mind. Her background, from what I can determine, is she's a homeschooling mom with a (large) blended family. She also writes Christian curriculum. 

She advocates that the whole family should be spending time in the Word of God. There is no one too young--no one too old. Older ones may get "extra" time in the Word so that they can be discipled further. But no child is to be left out or left behind.

She acknowledges that there are ages and stages. That is that there are stages of brain development, and that not all ages will interact/relate/approach the Bible in the same way. A teen will read, study, memorize, pray the Word differently than a kindergartner. But all ages and stages can be learning something.

She also acknowledges that there are different kinds of learners. That is that not every person learns (processes, absorbs, picks up) information (knowledge) the same way. There are strengths and weaknesses to all types of learning styles. You can use multiple techniques to round out the learning.

She tends towards the dramatic. She recommends a LOT of dramas, re-enacting, skits, arts and crafts. Puppets. Lots and lots of puppets. 

She addresses concerns, common questions, and myths about the Bible, about teaching the Bible, about raising children, etc.

The book is practical and full of advice, tips, and general information about the Bible.

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