Thursday, March 17, 2011

Loving the Matthew Henry Bible -- Jonah Edition

This week I got the Matthew Henry Study Bible. And I am LOVING it. I thought I would 'journal' my favorite quotes from the notes on the book of Jonah. (KJV) (NASB) (ESV)

On Jonah 1:4. "This wind was sent after Jonah, to fetch him back again to God and to his duty; and it is a great mercy to be reclaimed and called home when we go astray, though it be by a tempest."

On Jonah 1:5. "Many will not be brought to prayer till they are frightened to it; he that would learn to pray, let him go to sea."

On Jonah 1:7. "We may suppose there were those in the ship who were greater sinners than Jonah and yet he is the man that the tempest pursues. The storm is sent after Jonah because God has work for him to do, and it is sent to fetch him back to it."

On Jonah 2:1. "No place is amiss for prayer."

On Jonah 2:3. "If ever any man's case was singular, surely Jonah's was; and yet, to his great satisfaction, he finds even the man after God's own heart making the same complaint of God's waves and billows going over him. Our path of trouble is no untrodden path."

On Jonah 3:1. "But the word of the Lord comes to him again to show that when God forgives He forgets, and whom he forgives He receives into His family again and restores them to their former estate. God's making use of us is the best evidence of His being at peace with us."

On Jonah 4:1. "Whatever pleases God should please us, and though we cannot account for it, yet we must acquiesce in it."

On Jonah 4:2. "But it is a very awkward prayer. Being in discontent, his corruptions got head of his graces..." and "What a strange sort of man was Jonah, to dread the success of his ministry! It is unaccountable that which all the saints had made the matter of their joy and praise Jonah should make the matter of reflection upon God, as if that were an imperfection of the divine nature which is indeed the greatest glory of it--that God is gracious and merciful."

On Jonah 4:6. "A gourd in the right place may do us more service than a cedar. A small toy will serve sometimes to pacify a cross child, as the gourd did Jonah."

Matthew Henry's Complete Bible Commentary can also be found online. (Here are the links for Jonah 1, 2, 3, 4.

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Stefanie said...

I just recently bought this Bible too and love it!
I've been working my way through his commentaries since January, '10 and have been so blessed by my reading. Glad you enjoy it too:-)