Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sunday Salon: Week in Review: March 13-19

This week I finished...

Ruth in the Matthew Henry Study Bible (KJV)
Jonah in the Matthew Henry Study Bible (KJV)
Romans in the Matthew Henry Study Bible (KJV)
1 John in the KJV
2 John in the KJV
3 John in the KJV
Jude in the KJV
Song of Solomon in the KJV
Ecclesiastes in the KJV

And I read...

Genesis 1-9 in the Matthew Henry Study Bible
Isaiah 1-4 in the KJV
John 1-16 in the KJV

© Becky Laney of Operation Actually Read Bible

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Chris said...

I tend to start at the beginning, and end at the end. The first time I read through the Bible, I was twenty-one, and it was the King James Version, (oh brother,) and it took me a year. The second and third times, it was the NIV, and it went much more quickly. My main impression is that it is a history book taken down over a couple thousand years. In that impression, I see Israel grow into a successful nation time and time again, becoming rich and relatively decadent, only to fall again.

I came to your site because I am looking at blogs to present my new book to, but had to give my two cents worth about your post. I'm sure you'll finish Operation ARB, and hopefully get more answers than questions.