Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Thirty Years of Legacy

Legacy, which was originally released in 1983, has some of Card's best songs on it:

  • Love Crucified Arose (inspired by John 20:1-22)
  • Now That I've Held Him In My Arms (inspired by Luke 2:25-35)
  • The Voice of the Child (inspired by Luke 2:41-52)
  • This Must Be the Lamb (inspired by Matthew 27:32-56)
  • Dragonslayer (inspired by Genesis 3:15)
  • Abba Father (inspired by Romans 8:15)
  • El Shaddai (inspired by Genesis 22:1-19; Exodus 14:13-31; Genesis 16:7-13; 1 Corinthians 1:22-25)
  • God Will Provide a Lamb (inspired by Genesis 22:1-19)
  • Livin' We Must Die  
  • Tell the World That Jesus Loves You

It was later released on CD. It is also available as an mp3 album. I love how God-centered, cross-centered the songs are! These songs are doctrinally rich! If I had to narrow it down to a handful of favorites, I'd say, "Tell The World That Jesus Loves You," "El Shaddai," and "Love Crucified Arose."

From Livin' We Die:

They sell you a thousand creeds
But you know they're as worthless
As the withered weeds
And as their preaching all of the while
The devil is standing with his backward smile
Cause there's just one Truth
And there's just one Way
And He's a person not a plan
He's not a cold denomination
He's a livin' breathin' man

From Love Crucified Arose:

 Long ago, He blessed the earth
Born older than the years
And in the stall the cross He saw
Through the first of many tears

A life of homeless wandering
Cast out in sorrow's way
The Shepherd seeking for the lost
His life, the price He paid

Love crucified arose
The risen One in splendor
Jehovah's sole defender
Has won the victory

Love crucified arose
And the grave became a place of hope
For the heart that sin and sorrow broke
Is beating once again

© Becky Laney of Operation Actually Read Bible

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