Monday, December 23, 2013

Book Review: An Amish Christmas

An Amish Christmas. (Brides of Amish Country). Patricia Davids. 2010. Steeple Hill Love Inspired. 224 pages. [Source: Book I Bought]

Amish fiction isn't exactly a genre I seek out, but, I'd heard such wonderful things about Patricia Davids, that I decided to risk it. I really found An Amish Christmas to be a delightful read!

Karen Imhoff is taking her younger siblings to school one morning when they see an unconscious man on the side of the road. He'd been beaten and robbed. She stops and helps him. He doesn't remember a thing, well, he remember Karen helping him, he remembers her face. But he is destined to remain "John Doe" for the duration.

Anxious for clues and a bit restless, John Doe comes to the Amish community. He boards with the Imhoff family. He listens; he observes; he reflects. Who is he? Why was he here in Amish country? Does he have a wife? a girlfriend? Why hasn't anyone reported him missing? Was he from around here? Was he just traveling through? Was he beaten for a reason, or, was the crime random? He wants answers and peace of mind. Peace of mind comes easier than answers!

This Englisher slowly but surely comes to embrace the Amish community. And he finds himself falling madly in love with Karen, his rescuer. But can this romance have a happily ever after?

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