Tuesday, July 11, 2017

DVD Review: Survey of Church History, Part 2

A Survey of Church History, Part One: A.D. 500-1500.  W. Robert Godfrey. Thirteen 23-Minute Messages. [Source: Gift]

For anyone who loves history or theology, I recommend Ligonier's teaching series, A Survey of Church History. W. Robert Godrey is the teacher, and he's fabulous! The series has six parts. The second part covers a thousand years of church history!!! A.D. 500-1500. 

The messages are

  1. Introduction to the Middle Ages
  2. Justinian & Gregory
  3. Gregory, Missions & Islam
  4. Paths to God: Theologies
  5. Church Power & Dissent
  6. The Crusades
  7. Innocent III
  8. Monasticism and Scholasticism 1435
  9. Theologians
  10. Popes & Councils
  11. Great Scholastics
  12. Mysticism and the Renaissance
  13. Forerunners of the Reformation

I think Godfrey does a wonderful job balancing politics, history, theology, and personalities. It isn't just theology, doctrines, beliefs, and practices. Everything--church history especially--has a context it fits into. Doctrines, for example, can't be separated from human personalities and little vices like ambition, greed, and love of power and control! Viewers/listeners can learn so much from this series!

This second part of the series focuses mainly on the Roman Catholic church and how its doctrines evolved--were formed, reformed, transformed, etc--in this thousand year period. Was the church in need of Reform? Was reform inevitable? He touches on this in the very last episode.

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