Tuesday, July 11, 2017

My Year with Owen #28

I will be sharing some John Owen quotes this year. The third book I'll be reading is The Nature, Power, Deceit and Prevalency of Indwelling Sin. 

    • If sin-entanglements get hold in any one thing, they will put themselves upon the soul in everything. ~ John Owen
    • There is harmony in obedience: break but one part, and you interrupt the whole. ~ John Owen
    • When fire does anything it burns, and when the law of sin does anything it lusts. ~ John Owen
    • No man is made a captive but against his will. ~ John Owen
    • Captivity is misery and trouble, and no man willingly puts himself into trouble. ~ John Owen
    • To fear sin is to fear the Lord; so the holy man tells us that they are the same. (Job 28:28) ~ John Owen
    • This is one design of prayer, one end of the soul in it— namely, to draw forth sin, to set it in order, to present it unto itself in its vileness, abomination, and aggravating circumstances, that it may be loathed, abhorred, and cast away as a filthy thing (as Isa. 30: 22). He that pleads with God for sin’s remission, pleads also with his own heart for its detestation (Hos. 14: 3). ~ John Owen
    • Prayer is the way of obtaining from God by Christ a supply of all our wants, assistance against all opposition, especially that which is made against us by sin. ~ John Owen
    • Faith in prayer countermines all the workings of the deceit of sin; and that because the soul does therein constantly engage itself unto God to oppose all sin whatsoever. ~ John Owen
    • Sin puts forth its deceit in its own defense. ~ John Owen
    • I may add here that which has place in all the workings of sin by deceit— namely, its feeding the soul with promises and purposes of a more diligent attendance unto this duty when occasions will permit. ~ John Owen

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