Wednesday, July 12, 2017

DVD Review: A Survey of Church History, Part 3

A Survey of Church History, Part One: A.D. 1500-1620.  W. Robert Godfrey. Twelve 23-Minute Messages. [Source: Gift]

For anyone who loves history or theology, I recommend Ligonier's teaching series, A Survey of Church History. W. Robert Godrey is the teacher, and he's fabulous! The series has six parts. The third part covers a little over a hundred years. This period of history--the Reformation--may almost be the most familiar to the audience. (I think it may be Godfrey's own favorite period of church history!)

The messages are:

  • Introduction to the Reformation
  • Martin Luther's Early Life
  • Martin Luther and the German Reformation
  • Martin Luther and the Growing Protestant Movement
  • Martin Luther and the Anabaptists
  • From the German Reformation to Geneva
  • The Theology of John Calvin
  • The Catholic Reformation
  • The Scottish Reformation
  • The Dutch Reformation
  • The Synod of Dort

I was watching this series on my own for most of parts one and two. But the closer I got to the Reformation, the more interested my Mom became. By the time this third series started, she was hooked! 

History, politics, human-interest stories, theology--this series has it all. I was probably most familiar with Luther and Calvin. I really found the last three messages to be fascinating because the material was new to me. 

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