Tuesday, July 18, 2017

My Year with Owen #29

I will be sharing some John Owen quotes this year. The third book I'll be reading is The Nature, Power, Deceit and Prevalency of Indwelling Sin. 

    • Our progress in obedience is our edification or building. ~ John Owen
    • It is particular actions wherein we express and exercise our faith and obedience; ~ John Owen
    • There are sundry things in and about every sin that the mind of a believer, by virtue of its office and duty, is obliged to attend diligently unto, for the preservation of the soul from it. ~ John Owen
    • The receiving of the promises ought to be effectual, as to stir us up unto all holiness, so to work and effect an abstinence from all sin. And what promises are these?— namely, that “God will be a Father unto us, and receive us” (2 Cor. 6: 17-18); which comprises the whole of all the love of God toward us here and to eternity. ~ John Owen
    • Now, the heart may have a settled, fixed detestation of sin; but yet if a man find that the imagination of the mind is frequently solicited by it and exercised about it, such a one may know that his affections are secretly enticed and entangled. This entanglement is heightened when the imagination can prevail with the mind to lodge vain thoughts in it, with secret delight and complacency. ~ John Owen
    • When the soul is willing, as it were, to be tempted, to be courted by sin, to hearken to its dalliances and solicitations, it has lost its conjugal affections unto Christ and is entangled. ~ John Owen
    • It is not, indeed, possible that sin should utterly deprive the soul of the knowledge of the danger of it. It cannot dispossess it of its notion or persuasion that “the wages of sin is death” [Rom. 6: 23], and that it is the “judgment of God that they that commit sin are worthy of death” [Rom. 1: 32]. But this it will do— it will so take up and possess the mind and affections with the baits and desirableness of sin, that it shall divert them from an actual and practical contemplation of the danger of it. ~ John Owen
    • Meditate on the vileness, the demerit, and punishment of sin as represented in the cross, the blood, the death of Christ. Is Christ crucified for sin, and shall not our hearts be crucified with him unto sin? Shall we give entertainment unto that, or hearken unto its dalliances, which wounded, which pierced, which slew our dear Lord Jesus? God forbid! ~ John Owen
    • Fill your affections with the cross of Christ, that there may be no room for sin. The world once put him out of the house into a stable, when he came to save us; let him now turn the world out of doors, when he is come to sanctify us. ~ John Owen
    • Grace has the rule and dominion, and not sin, in the will of every believer. ~ John Owen
    • Temptation is the representation of a thing as a present good, a particular good, which is a real evil, a general evil. ~ John Owen

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