Thursday, July 13, 2017

DVD Review: Survey of Church History, Part 4

A Survey of Church History, Part Four: A.D. 1600-1800.  W. Robert Godfrey. Twelve 23-Minute Messages. [Source: Gift] 

For anyone who loves history or theology, I recommend Ligonier's teaching series, A Survey of Church History. W. Robert Godrey is the teacher, and he's fabulous! The series has six parts.

The fourth part covers roughly two hundred years: 1600-1800. This is an exciting period of history, not just church history. It is a time of exploring, conquering and claiming new lands--like America. 

The messages are:

  • Continuing the Reformation
  • Scholastic Theology
  • Puritan Piety
  • Puritan Politics
  • Puritan Worship and Eschatology
  • Puritan Views of Assurance and Conversion
  • The Puritans in New England
  • The Englightenment
  • Wesley and Whitefield
  • The Great Awakening
  • Jonathan Edwards
  • Political Revolutions

I really loved this series. Perhaps not all messages were equally gush-worthy. I think my three favorite messages were Wesley & Whitefield, The Great Awakening, and Jonathan Edwards. I found it reassuring that Godfrey finds Jonathan Edwards a difficult read. And how he'd recommend John Calvin over Jonathan Edwards any day. I probably would have appreciated even more time spent on Whitefield. 

I really can't recommend this series enough. Godfrey is a DELIGHT and then some. 

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