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True or False with the Puritans #3 (Matthew Henry)

True or False with Matthew Henry
From his commentary on Genesis, chapters 11-20

TRUE OR FALSE If God loves us and has mercy in store for us, he will not allow us to take up our rest anywhere short of Canaan, but will graciously repeat his calls, till the good work that he has begun is truly carried out and our souls rest only in God.

TRUE OR FALSE The world and all our enjoyments in it must be looked on with a holy indifference; we must no longer look on it as our country or home, but where we are staying for a while, and must accordingly sit loose to it, be independent of it, live above it, and make sure that it does not hold our deepest affection.

TRUE OR FALSE  Jesus Christ is the great blessing of the world, the greatest blessing that the world has ever known. He is a family blessing, by him salvation is brought to the house (Lk 19:9).

TRUE OR FALSE We must continue our journey, going on from strength to strength, as having not yet reached our goal.

TRUE OR FALSE What God has to show is infinitely better and more desirable than anything that the world has to offer to our view.

TRUE OR FALSE We ought to be ready, whenever it is in the power of our hands, to help and relieve those that are in distress.

TRUE OR FALSE Though we must never complain about God, we may still complain to him, and it is some ease to a burdened spirit to open up to a faithful and compassionate friend:

TRUE OR FALSE If Christ is ours, heaven is also ours.

TRUE OR FALSE What God has promised is as certain as if it were already done; and so it is said, whoever believes hath everlasting life (Jn 3:36), for all that believe will as surely go to heaven as if they were there already.

TRUE OR FALSE When passion is on the throne, reason has been thrown outdoors and is neither heard nor spoken. Those who are most loud and forward in appealing to God are not always in the right.

TRUE OR FALSE Tears speak as well as prayers.

TRUE OR FALSE What God is himself, that he will be to his people: his wisdom is theirs, to guide and counsel them; his power is theirs, to protect and support them; his goodness is theirs, to provide for and comfort them.

TRUE OR FALSE God graciously comes to those in whom he has first raised an expectation of him.

TRUE OR FALSE Religion does not destroy, but improve, good manners, and teaches us to honor all people.

TRUE OR FALSE Fellowship with God is maintained by the word and by prayer. In the word, God speaks to us; in prayer we speak to him.

TRUE OR FALSE God’s word does us good when it provides us with matter for prayer and stirs us to it.

TRUE OR FALSE Though sin is to be hated, sinners are to be pitied and prayed for. God does not delight in their death, and we should not desire, but pray for deliverance from, the day of destruction.

TRUE OR FALSE We must direct our prayer as we send a letter and then look up to wait for a reply. We must direct our prayer as an arrow and then look up to see whether it reaches its mark (Ps 5:3).

TRUE OR FALSE If we have entered on a wrong course of action through ignorance, this does not excuse our knowingly persisting in it (Lev 5:3-5).

TRUE OR FALSE The prayers of good people may be a kindness to great people and ought to be valued.

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