Thursday, August 23, 2018

Bible Review: Living Insights

Living Insights Study Bible. 1996. 1606 pages. [Source: Bought]

I've had this one for a little over twenty years. Hence why it was an almost natural choice for making it onto my TBR Pile challenge list.

The Bible is the 1984 New International Version. Of course, when I bought it in the 1990s, there was only ONE NIV. It had yet to be replaced--for better or worse--with the NIV 2011 or even the TNIV.

This Bible has book introductions, character profiles, a few articles and insight boxes.

It is "light" rather than heavy in terms of being a study bible.

I decided to have a special notebook for writing verses. Some people feel completely okay with marking and underlining in Bibles--even drawing. I'm not one of them. I write the verses that I might otherwise underline. These are verses that deserve fuller attention and reflection.

I alternated the ink color each day.

Like always, my Bible reading mainly coincided with tea time!

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