Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Book Review: Meet Troo

Troo Makes A Splash (Rainforest Friends). Cheryl Crouch. Illustrated by Kevin Zimmer. 2011. Zonderkidz. 32 pages.

Troo and Keewa looked at the river. "I wish I could swim," said Troo. Keewa said, "I can't swim either. But it would be fun to splash if the water didn't move so fast.""Rilla says her pool is calm. But where is it?" Troo asked. "She'll never tell," said Keewa. "Her pool is her biggest secret." "Let's make our own pool! Help me stop the river," said Troo. Keewa shook his head. "We can't do it." Troo lugged a rock over and dropped it in the river. THUNK. "We can try," he said.

Zonderkidz is introducing a series of I Can Read books. I believe there are three titles available so far in the Rainforest Friends series: Troo Makes A Splash, Troo's Big Climb, and Troo's Secret Clubhouse.

In Troo Makes A Splash, Troo, Keewa, and Rilla learn how important it is to think of other people too. Troo and Keewa were having a great time in the "pool" they created by damming up the river. But after Rilla tells them how their dam is making the river rats unhappy, how others need the river more than they need a pool to splash in, they decide that they can play something else instead.

Troo's Secret Clubhouse. Cheryl Crouch. Illustrated by Kevin Zimmer. 2011. Zonderkidz. 32 pages.

Troo panted and lay down on the wooden floor of the clubhouse. Getting Rilla up the ladder was hard work. "You have to learn to climb," Troo told little Rilla. "Keewa and I can't carry you up forever." "But I am a water rat!" Rilla said. "I told you to build our clubhouse on the ground. Keewa shook his head. "A supersecret clubhouse is much better high in the air. No one can see us or hear our secret plans here."

In Troo's Secret Clubhouse, Troo learns that love is never rude. When Troo's friends Keewa and Rilla were there to play with in his not-so-secret secret clubhouse, Troo told his little sister that she could not play with them. That she was too little. That she was a baby. But now that his friends have gone home, he's feeling sad. He sees his little sister having fun and he wishes that he hadn't been so rude and mean to her. Will she forgive him? Will she allow him to play with her?

Troo's Big Climb. Cheryl Crouch. Illustrated by Kevin Zimmer. 2011. Zonderkidz. 32 pages.

Troo stood beside the biggest, tallest tree in the rainforest. "I can climb it," he said, "easy." Rilla said, "To the top? No way." Troo looked up. He looked up some more. He could not see the top. Maybe his friend Rilla was right. Rilla said, "I dare you to try. I don't think you can do it." "Sure I can," said Troo. "I think you are afraid," she said. Rilla sounded brave and strong. "You climb it!" Troo said. "Water rats don't climb, silly!" said Rilla. "But tree kangaroos do. You should be a great climber." "I am!" Troo said. "I'm the best."

In Troo's Big Climb, Troo learns that parents have GOOD reasons for making rules. His parents have told him NOT to climb the big tree. But. Troo really, really wants to climb it. He wants to prove that he's big enough, strong enough, etc. So he does. And. Well, he learns the hard way that rules are put in place because of love. Will Troo be more obedient from now on? Will he be able to resist his friends dares?

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