Monday, March 10, 2014

Worth Quoting #6 Quotes About the Holy Spirit

Found this J.I. Packer quote in John MacArthur's newest book, Strange Fire.
The Spirit's message to us is never, "Look at me; listen to me; come to me; get to know me," but always, "Loot at HIM, and see HIS glory; listen to HIM, and hear HIS word; go to HIM, and have life; get to know HIM, and taste his gift of joy and peace." (43)
And this one by Pastor Dan Phillips:
Show me a person focused on the person and work of Jesus Christ--never tiring of learning about Him, thinking about Him, boasting of Him, speaking about and for and to Him, thrilled and entranced with His perfections and beauty, finding ways to serve and exalt Him, tirelessly exploring ways to spend and be spent for Him, growing in character to be more and more like Him--and I will show you a person who is filled with the Holy Spirit. (45)
© Becky Laney of Operation Actually Read Bible

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