Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Book Review: Sincerely Yours (2014)

Sincerely Yours. A Novella Collection. Jane Kirkpatrick. Amanda Cabot. Laurie Alice Eakes. Ann Shorey. 2014. Revell. 384 pages. [Source: Review copy]

Sincerely Yours is a novella collection with a letter-writing theme of sorts. (I felt the letter-theme was weak, at best, which turned out to be fine since the stories themselves were so strong.) The four novellas are:

  • A Moonlight Promise by Laurie Alice Eakes
  • Lessons in Love by Ann Shorey
  • One Little Word by Amanda Cabot
  • A Saving Grace by Jane Kirkpatrick

Each novella is under a hundred pages. Each is historical romance.

A Moonlight Promise is the "steamboat" romance. Miss Camilla Renfrew finds herself falling in love with a steamboat captain, Nathaniel Black. These two seem to be complete opposites, but, in just a quick amount of time these two realize they can't live without one another. Their romance is complicated by a villain or two.

Lessons in Love is the "journalist" romance. Merrie Bentley writes under her initials. She knows that the editor or publisher thinks she's a man, but she's fine with that. Or she was fine with that. Turns out he wants to meet in person, our heroine needs a husband, a pretend husband, quickly. She chooses her piano tutor. During this deception, the two will be spending more time together, and music has little to do with it.

One Little Word is the "carousel" romance. Lorraine Caldwell, our heroine, is visiting her brother who is marrying "beneath him." Lorraine supports his choice and welcomes her new lower-class sister-in-law. While there she meets a man who carves and paints horses for carousels. They fall deeply in love with each other, but, of course there are complications. She's expected to marry someone else. He's expected to marry someone else. This one was very heavy in coincidences and I found it extremely predictable. That doesn't mean I found it boring or annoying, however.

A Saving Grace is the "starvation" romance. Grace Hathaway, our heroine, receives a disturbing letter. Her friend who was recently widowed has left her child and sought out some questionable medical treatments. Grace goes and investigates wanting to help her friend, to rescue her if necessary. It turns out to be very necessary. Grace herself may need rescuing by the end. It is a very good thing that the hero is an investigator of sorts himself!

I liked the novellas in this collection. Jane Kirkpatrick, one of the authors, will be hosting a giveaway.

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Amanda Cabot said...

Becky -- Thanks so much for taking the time to read and review Sincerely Yours. I know I speak for the others when I say that we appreciate your help in promoting our book.

Ann Shorey said...

Hi Becky, Thank you so much for reviewing Sincerely Yours! I'm so glad you enjoyed our stories. :)