Saturday, April 5, 2014

Worth Quoting #7 (A.W. Tozer)

I am currently reading A.W. Tozer's And He Dwelt Among Us: Teaching From The Gospel of John.
Where does Christianity start? It has no beginning and it has no end. The human heart wants that which had no beginning and never can have any ending—namely, the Word, which was with the Father in the beginning; the Word, which was God; and the Word, which is God. Oh, how wonderful that God gives us this, and yet how terrible that many will not accept it!
I could never get on my knees and pray to a God I had to apologize for, or who desperately needed my help. A God who needs my help does not deserve my worship. If God needed me, I could not respect Him; and if I could not respect Him, I could not worship Him.
Some people have the idea that being saved is exactly that—to accept Jesus at the last jump, just before the devil gets you, leaving something behind maybe in the devil’s hand, but thank God, breathless and panicked and covered with perspiration you get in at last. How utterly silly this whole business is. God Almighty, before the beginning of the world, thought about you and planned your redemption. In those pre-creation times, God was thinking loving thoughts about you; and when you grieved Him by your sins, He still did not turn you over to hell. But a lamb slain from the foundation of the world came to save you and redeem you. At conversion, you have only just started. When converted to Christ, you are a new creature. You have come up out of the old Adamic trash, you have crawled out of the wreckage by the grace of God and been made new. And God introduces you into His royal family and gives you of His Holy Spirit in an increasing measure.
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