Monday, March 2, 2015

Book Review: Anna's Crossing

Anna's Crossing: An Amish Beginnings Novel. Suzanne Woods Fisher. 2015. Revell. 336 pages. [Source: Review copy]

I enjoyed reading Anna's Crossing. This historical fiction novel is set, for the most part, on the ship the Charming Nancy. Anna König did not want to go to the New World, at least not at the start of the novel. She was happy to remain with her grandparents in Germany. But she makes peace with the situation the best she can. (However, she's insistent that if she goes, her rose goes with her.) She's traveling with several Amish families. (There are also Mennonite families on board the Charming Nancy, but, for the most part they don't interact with one another.) Conditions are less than ideal. But a few things make life better: her friendship with the mischievous Felix, and, her friendship with Bairn, the ship's carpenter.

I liked this novel very much. I liked getting to know the characters. Felix gets plenty of time--time which he uses to get in and out of trouble. I really liked getting to know Anna. She was a great heroine. And Bairn, well, he was GREAT. There was just something satisfying about this book.

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