Tuesday, March 17, 2015

My Year with Spurgeon #11

The Blood-Shedding
Charles Spurgeon
Hebrews 9:22
You are sick and wounded with sin, you are in the storm and hurricane of Almighty vengeance, and yet the question which you would ask of me, this morning, would be, “Sir, what is the origin of evil?” You are mad, Sir, spiritually mad; that is not the question you would ask if you were in a sane and healthy state of mind; your question would be: “How can I get rid of the evil?” Not, “How did it come into the world?” but “How am I to escape from it?” Not, “How is it that hail descends from heaven upon Sodom?” but “How may I, like Lot, escape out of the city to a Zoar.” Not, “How is it that I am sick?” but “Are there medicines that will heal me? Is there a physician to be found that can restore my soul to health?” Ah! you trifle with subtleties while you neglect certainties. More questions have been asked concerning the origin of evil than upon anything else.
Never in any time, never in any place, never in any person, can there be remission apart from shedding of blood.
Now, I take it, there are two things here. First, there is a negative expressed: “No remission without shedding of blood.” And then there is a positive implied, forsooth, with shedding of blood there is remission.
You may believe or disbelieve many things the preacher utters; but this you disbelieve at the peril of your souls.
The doctrine of atonement when rightly understood and faithfully received, is delightful, for it exhibits boundless love, immeasurable goodness, and infinite truth; but to unbelievers it will always be a hated doctrine.
Oh! I love the gospel, for this reason among others, because it is such a levelling gospel.
Christ died in vain for no one.
Believe in his name and you cannot be lost. Do you say you are no sinner? Then I do not know that Christ died for you. Do you say that you have no sins to repent of? Then I have no Christ to preach to you. He did not come to save the righteous; he came to save the wicked. Are you wicked? Do you feel it? Are you lost? Do you know? Are you sinful? Will you confess it? Sinner! if Jesus were here this morning, he would put out his bleeding hands, and say, “Sinner, I died for you, will you believe me?”

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