Tuesday, March 3, 2015

My Year with Spurgeon #9

Secret Sins
Charles Spurgeon
Cleanse thou me from secret faults. Psalm 19:12.
Only let the law be revealed to a man; let him know how strict the law is, and how infinitely just, and his self-righteousness will shrivel into nothing — it will become a filthy rag in his sight, whereas before he thought it to be a goodly garment.
I shall endeavor to urge upon all pretenders present to give up, to renounce, to detest, to hate, to abhor all their secret sins. And, first, I shall endeavor to show the folly of secret sins; secondly, the misery of secret sins, thirdly, the guilt of secret sins; fourthly, the danger of secret sins, and then I shall try to apply some words by way of remedy, that we may all of us be enabled to avoid secret sins.
Hypocrisy is a hard game to play at, for it is one deceiver against many observers; and for certain it is a miserable trade, which will earn at last, as its certain climax, a tremendous bankruptcy.
Do not measure sin by what other people say of it; but measure sin by what God says of it, and what your own conscience says of it.
A little sin, like a little pebble in the shoe, will make a traveler to heaven walk very wearily.
Little sins, like little thieves, may open the door to greater ones outside.
Let us, brethren, kill our sins as often as we can find them.

© Becky Laney of Operation Actually Read Bible

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