Friday, March 6, 2015

Book Review: Daughter of the Regiment

Daughter of the Regiment. Stephanie Grace Whitson. 2015. [Late March] Bethany House. 336 pages. [Source: Review copy]

At first I wasn't sure if I would "love" Daughter of the Regiment for while I tend to love Stephanie Grace Whitson's novels, I rarely "love" Civil War novels. Would my love for Whitson be enough for me to love this one? Yes! Yes, it would!

Daughter of the Regiment is set in Missouri at the start of the Civil War. In their town--or community--there are plenty of neighbors on opposing sides of the war.

I loved the two heroines of Daughter of the Regiment. I loved Maggie Malone. I loved Libbie (Elizabeth) Blair. I loved how both of their stories unfolded. (There were plenty of intense scenes!)
Maggie's two brothers joined the Union army. Libbie's brother joined the Confederate army.

So after Maggie's farm is attacked and her uncle injured, Maggie follows her heart and pursues her two brothers. She's received news that one of her brothers is injured. But she doesn't know the extent of his injuries, fearing the worse, she sets out intent on nursing him if necessary. She finds her brothers and the Irish brigade. She "adopts" the soldiers, in a way, and finds a way to belong in the camp. There are a handful of soldiers that she becomes friendly with, but, only one she falls for romantically. He loves her too…but will they get their happy ending?

As much as I loved Maggie, I almost loved Libbie more. Perhaps because I felt for her more. Libbie's brother, Walker, is something. He infuriated me at times! Libbie is caught in a terrible situation. Her brother has formed the Wildwood Guard and turned their plantation home into a Center of Operations--or a "hospital." Libbie worries what will happen when the battle comes close to home. Will she be safe? Will the slaves? What can she do if anything to protect their lives?

I loved everything about Daughter of the Regiment. I loved the characterization. I loved the relationships. I loved the dialogue and the writing style. It just was a wonderful read!

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