Friday, December 4, 2020

Psalms Saturated Bible Reading Plan (version 1.0)

I love, love, love, LOVE the Psalms. I do. I am not alone. Yet most Bible reading plans take you through Psalms once--possibly twice. I think we need to be in the book of Psalms every single day of the year. Yet I also like RELAXED plans. Where you don't have to look at a piece of paper several times each day to know where you're supposed to be reading. Plans that allow for you to spend ten minutes one day perhaps yet an hour another day. 

If you've noticed I've left out an entire book of the Bible, please let me know!!!!

Week 1Psalms 1-41Genesis
Week 2Psalms 42-72Exodus
Week 3Psalms 73-89Leviticus & Hebrews
Week 4Psalms 90-106Numbers
Week 5Psalms 107-150Deuteronomy
Week 6Psalms 1-411 Chronicles
Week 7Psalms 42-722 Chronicles
Week 8Psalms 73-89Ezra
Week 9Psalms 90-106Nehemiah
Week 10Psalms 107-150Job
Week 11Psalms 1-41Matthew
Week 12Psalms 42-72Mark
Week 13Psalms 73-89Luke
Week 14Psalms 90-106Acts
Week 15Psalms 107-150John
Week 16Psalms 1-41Joshua
Week 17Psalms 42-72Judges/Ruth
Week 18Psalms 73-891 Samuel
Week 19Psalms 90-1062 Samuel
Week 20Psalms 107-1501 Kings
Week 21Psalms 1-41Proverbs 1-15
Week 22Psalms 42-72Proverbs 16-31
Week 23Psalms 73-89Ecclesiastes
Week 24Psalms 90-106Song of Songs; Hosea
Week 25Psalms 107-1502 Kings; Joel, Amos, Obadiah
Week 26Psalms 1-41Jeremiah 1-15
Week 27Psalms 42-72Jeremiah 16-31
Week 28Psalms 73-89Jeremiah 32-52; Jonah, Micah
Week 29Psalms 90-106Lamentations, Nahum, Habakkuk
Week 30Psalms 107-150Daniel
Week 31Psalms 1-41Esther
Week 32Psalms 42-72Zephaniah
Week 33Psalms 73-89Haggai
Week 34Psalms 90-106Zechariah
Week 35Psalms 107-150Malachi
Week 36Psalms 1-41Ezekiel 1-16
Week 37Psalms 42-72Ezekiel 17-32
Week 38Psalms 73-89Ezekiel 33-46
Week 39Psalms 90-106Isaiah 1-39
Week 40Psalms 107-150Isaiah 40-66
Week 41Psalms 1-41Romans & Galatians
Week 42Psalms 42-721 Corinthians
Week 43Psalms 73-892 Corinthians
Week 44Psalms 90-106Ephesians & Philippians
Week 45Psalms 107-150Colossians
Week 46Psalms 1-411 & 2 Thessalonians
Week 47Psalms 42-721 & 2 Timothy
Week 48Psalms 73-89Titus, Philemon
Week 49Psalms 90-106James
Week 50Psalms 107-1501 & 2 Peter; Jude
Week 51Psalms 1-751, 2, 3 John
Week 52Psalms 76-150Revelation 

And in picture format:

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This looks like an interesting reading plan. Thanks for posting!