Tuesday, December 1, 2020

97. The Christmas Heirloom

The Christmas Heirloom. Karen Witemeyer. Kristi Ann Hunter. Sarah Loudin Thomas. Becky Wade. 2018. 374 pages. [Source: Bought]

First sentence of Legacy of Love: 1827 LANCASHIRE, ENGLAND From a purely rational standpoint, Sarah Gooding should have been ecstatic with her present position.

First sentence of Gift of the Heart: OCTOBER 1890 HOPE SPRINGS, TX Ruth Fulbright held her sleeping seven-year-old daughter snugly on her lap in the middle of the stagecoach seat while the passengers who considered themselves her betters exited the conveyance.

First sentence of A Shot of Love: NOVEMBER 1958 BETHEL, WEST VIRGINIA Fleeta hunkered low, careful not to rattle the crisp fallen leaves all around her.

First sentence of Because of You: PRESENT DAY MERRYWEATHER, WASHINGTON Maddie Winslow met the man of her dreams the same day that her friend Olivia introduced Maddie to her new boyfriend. Which would have been splendid, except that the man of Maddie’s dreams was Olivia’s new boyfriend.

The Christmas Heirloom is a collection of four holiday-themed, interconnected novellas. The stories all share the same family heirloom. A heirloom that as family legend goes has a lot to do with finding one's true love.

I genuinely loved all four stories. I would say I love, love, LOVED at least three of the four stories. I loved, loved, LOVED the opening story, Legacy of Love by Kristi Ann Hunter. I loved the grandmother that brought the heroine (her companion) and the hero (her grandson) together. It was a very touching story. It had so much heart. It was a great foundational story!!! I loved, loved, LOVED Gift of the Heart by Karen Witemeyer. I loved the LITTLE GIRL. This second chance at love story was beyond giddy-making. It was a JOY to read this one. I loved A Shot of Love by Sarah Loudin Thomas. I didn't love, love, love it--but then again I'm not big into guns and shooting and hunting and all. But I liked the story overall--good characters, well written. I loved, loved, loved Because of You by Becky Wade. While I think I've read the other three authors previously, this is the first time I've read Wade. I think. I don't normally read contemporary romance, but I might be persuaded to read her other books. Because I really enjoyed this romance oh-so-much. 

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