Saturday, December 5, 2020

Psalms Saturated Reading Plan version 2.0

Here is yet another Bible reading plan that I've created. It takes readers through the New Testament twice, the gospels (and Acts) three times. All of the Old Testament is covered--at least once--but select books get highlighted. 26 times through Psalms, 26 times through Proverbs, 8 times through Isaiah, 5 times through Deuteronomy. I think an understanding/appreciation/grounding in Deuteronomy and Isaiah will prove most helpful when it comes to reading and studying the New Testament. 

Week 1GenesisPsalms 1-75Colossians
Week 2JobPsalms 76-150Matthew
Week 3ExodusProverbs 1-15James
Week 4LeviticusProverbs 16-31Hebrews
Week 51 ChroniclesPsalms 1-75Ephesians
Week 62 ChroniclesPsalms 76-150Mark
Week 7DeuteronomyProverbs 1-151 Peter
Week 8JoshuaProverbs 16-312 Peter
Week 9Judges/RuthPsalms 1-75Luke
Week 101 and 2 SamuelPsalms 76-150Philippians
Week 111 KingsProverbs 1-15Acts
Week 12Song of SongsProverbs 16-311 Corinthians
Week 13EccelesiastesPsalms 1-752 Corinthians
Week 142 KingsPsalms 76-1501 Thessalonians
Week 15Isaiah 1-39Proverbs 1-152 Thessalonians
Week 16Isaiah 40-66Proverbs 16-31Romans
Week 17Jeremiah 1-15Psalms 1-751 Timothy
Week 18Jeremiah 16-31Psalms 76-1502 Timothy
Week 19Jeremiah 32-52Proverbs 1-15Titus
Week 20LamentationsProverbs 16-31Philemon
Week 21Ezekiel 1-16Psalms 1-751 John
Week 22Ezekiel 17-32Psalms 76-1502 John, 3 John, Jude
Week 23Ezekiel 33-46Proverbs 1-15John
Week 24Daniel/EstherProverbs 16-31Revelation
Week 25Ezra/NehemiahPsalms 1-75Matthew
Week 26HoseaPsalms 76-1501 Corinthians
Week 27Joel/AmosProverbs 1-152 Corinthians
Week 28Obadiah/JonahProverbs 16-31Mark
Week 29Micah/NahumPsalms 1-75Romans
Week 30HabakkukPsalms 76-150Ephesians
Week 31ZephaniahProverbs 1-15James
Week 32HaggaiProverbs 16-31Hebrews
Week 33ZechariahPsalms 1-75Revelation
Week 34MalachiPsalms 76-150John
Week 35DeuteronomyProverbs 1-151, 2, 3 John
Week 36DeuteronomyProverbs 16-31Luke
Week 37DeuteronomyPsalms 1-75Acts
Week 38Isaiah 1-39Psalms 76-150Galatians
Week 39Isaiah 40-66Proverbs 1-15Philippians
Week 40Isaiah 1-39Proverbs 16-31Colossians
Week 41Isaiah 40-66Psalms 1-751 Thessalonians
Week 42Isaiah 1-39Psalms 76-1502 Thessalonians
Week 43Isaiah 40-66Proverbs 1-151 Timothy
Week 44Isaiah 1-39Proverbs 16-312 Timothy
Week 45Isaiah 40-66Psalms 1-75Philemon
Week 46Isaiah 1-39Psalms 76-1501 Peter
Week 47Isaiah 40-66Proverbs 1-152 Peter, Jude
Week 48Isaiah 1-39Proverbs 16-31Matthew
Week 49Isaiah 40-66Psalms 1-75Mark
Week 50Isaiah 1-39Psalms 76-150Luke
Week 51Isaiah 40-66Proverbs 1-15Acts
Week 52DeuteronomyProverbs 16-31John

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