Saturday, February 16, 2019

Devotional Journaling #7

I am reading two devotionals this year. One is Living Hope for the End of Days: 365 Days of Devotions from the Book of the Revelation by John Samuel Barnett. The other is Joni Eareckson Tada's Diamonds in the Dust.

Living Hope for the End of Days. This week's theme Find Hope In Christ's Majesty. He spent some time talking about King David and the Apostle John. 

  • There is no more beautiful or more clearly painted portrait of Jesus in the whole Bible than the first chapter of Revelation.
  • If you want to discover the magnificent sovereign majesty of Jesus Christ, you need to get into the habit of looking for Him throughout the Scriptures.
  • The first chapter alone far exceeds any ideas we may have previously formed of this One we call Jesus. In chapters 2:1–3:22, we see Christ’s glorious majesty challenging His church universal through special messages to the seven churches of Asia Minor. In chapters 4:1–16:21, we learn that Christ’s majesty is controlling His cosmos. In Revelation 17:1–20:15, we see Christ’s majesty conquering the rebellion on earth. In Revelation 21:1–22:5, Christ’s majesty unveils His paradise. In Revelation 22:6–21, Christ’s majesty is again seen in the extravagance of His salvation offer to all who come to Him.

Diamonds in the Dust.

  • It is not possible to always be happy. It is possible to always have the joy of the Lord. (February 10)
  • People are only as secure as the source of their security; if we are in secure in Christ, then we have every reason to be confident. (February 12)
  • If we feel like a martyr faced with heart-wrenching trials, perhaps we're concentrating too much on what God asks of us and not enough on what God has given us. (February 13)

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