Saturday, February 16, 2019

Week in Review: February 10-16

Bible Reading

Did I read Revelation this week? Which translation? Yes. Revised Standard Version.
Am I keeping up with my 30 Days of Psalms, Psalms 42-72? How many times have I read it so far? Which translations? Yes to keeping up. I read it in the RSV, HCSB, CSB, Third Millennium Bible, KJV, ESV and NIV 2011.
Am I keeping up with the Daily Chronological Bible Reading Plan for the Growing 4 Life reading group? What have I read so far? Mostly. I read ahead because I refuse to read Leviticus so slowly.
Am I keeping up with the 90 Day Bible Reading Challenge (Knowable Word)? What have I read so far? Yes. I might be a day or two ahead. But I finished Isaiah today.
Have I done any other Bible reading not related to one of those projects? Which books and which translation, if any? Not this week. It was a hard week.

Other Reading

Christian Fiction Read This Week:

Christian Nonfiction Read This Week:

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