Monday, January 19, 2009

BIP: Second Assignment 2.2

Sophisticated Dorkiness: Blog Improvement Project: Second Assignment: Part Two.

Part 2 — Blogging Your Ideas:

* Use your brainstormed ideas to come up with a new, regular feature for your blog. There are a lot of memes and stuff out there to participate in, but I think it’s cool when a blogger has a feature that is unique to them. Think about what makes your voice different, then come up with a feature that reflects that. There aren’t any “rules” about the feature — just be yourself.

* Come back and sign the Mr. Linky with a post about your new feature.

I'm not sure if this is a bending of the rules or not. But when it comes to features, I've got one in place that is open to anyone and everyone participating in the Operation Actually Read Bible challenge. It's called Question of the Week. Every Tuesday, I ask a question of myself and of the other participants. I put a lot of thought in the questions--I've actually spent several hours brainstorming possible topics/questions. Tomorrow will be the third question--and it's not like this is a phenomenal success sweeping blogs or anything. But I'm happy with this concept and hope that participants will keep coming back each week. I have noted in my sidebar that I'm open to receiving ideas/suggestions from others.

As for other feature ideas, I've thought about adding another possible feature called "Album of the Week." Here is what that would look like. But while I've written one up, I certainly haven't done it every week of the new year. And I'm not sure I could/should commit to doing it weekly. I like being inspired not required. And you're either feeling something, or you're not.

I definitely WILL be posting monthly reviews/reflections about everything I've done the past month. So that by the end of the year, I'll have twelve posts from which to compile my best-of-the-year reflections/lists. I haven't decided this yet--but I'm open to thoughts and suggestions.

Another feature-idea I had was to have a Translation-of-the-Week to highlight. I'd use that translation of the Bible and post a few verses throughout the week--I'm not sure if I'd be doing that daily--seven Bible verses/passages--or if I'd just do it two or three times a week. I'm not sure there would be interest or not. You tell me! I'd probably have a spot on the sidebar for this--may create a button and everything.


Bogsider said...

I just wrote another comment on your first BIP-post.

I think that the Album-post is a good idea for a regular feature, whether this be once a week, a month or just every now and then. Checking out the post you made for one album, I notice that it is an album which goes along with your main theme on this blog. And I think that is important. Now I am not in any way suggesting that you listen to satanic heavy metal or such like, but for the sake of the argument, such a review would fit better on your general blog than on your Bible-blog. I think it is important that whatever you choose to do here, is along the lines of the Bible. Not that each post has to be Christian this or that as long as the main topic all over the blog is your Operation Actually Read The Bible. I'm babbling. Sorry. Hope you know what I mean.

Anonymous said...

I read your Question of the Week post today and thought it was really interesting. I don't think features have to be sweeping or anything, I just like them because they give me (as a blogger) a topic I can count on if I'm out of things to write about, and people who read my blog something to expect and anticipate.

Kim (Sophisticated Dorkiness)