Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sunday Salon: Week in Review (January 11-17)

In case you're just joining us for Sunday Salon, I want YOU (yes, you!) to be aware that there is a contest going on here at Becky's Book Reviews! You've got a chance to win one of three books by the incredibly talented (and very awesome author), Michelle Moran! Leave a comment on that post (not this one) by January 23rd. I'll announce the winners that weekend (either 24th or 25th).

Weekly Wycliffe reading--I read Colossians, Laodiceans, and 1 Thessalonians. If you're like me, you're thinking Laodiceans???? Zah???? Where'd that book come from? Well, it's found in the Wycliffe New Testament, but other translators didn't choose to include this one epistle in their translations. And it's not found in the majority of Bibles. I was one book short of my goal--I had hoped to finish 2 Thessalonians--that happens, you know.

Weekly ESV Study Bible reading--I read Genesis 9 through Genesis 14. Again, I fall short of my goal...which would have been to read through Genesis 15...but I almost made it!

In podcasting non-news, I have NOT kept up with the ESV Chronological podcast. I haven't listened since January 13th. Which means I need to listen to the rest of Job (38-42) and get back to Genesis (12-21). I don't know how high a priority this will be for me. I mean, when I tend to listen to this, I listen in chunks. So being behind isn't necessarily a bad thing.

In non-Bible reading news, I read Nefertiti and The Heretic Queen by Michelle Moran. While not strictly (technically) Christian fiction--the Egyptian gods and goddesses abound--they're set in Ancient Egypt. And if you've read Genesis and Exodus (as well as other Old Testament books) you know that Egypt is a major player in the Old Testament. I've always, always found Egypt fascinating. And these books were great.

My goals this week:

To read 2 Thessalonians through Philemon. (In this New Testament, the Wycliffe one, Philemon is before Hebrews (nothing out of the ordinary there) which is BEFORE Acts (which is VERY out of the ordinary.)
To read Genesis 15 - 23. I know this may be too ambitious. But I'm hoping since this is where all the stories start that the natural pacing will keep the momentum going!
To read two Christian books either fiction or nonfiction. (I'd love to read at least one nonfiction!)

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