Sunday, January 4, 2009

Sunday Salon: Week in Review (Dec 28 - Jan 3)

This week I finished listening to the Word of Promise Next Generation New Testament--a task that included listening to 1 John, 2 John, 3 John, Jude, and Revelation. I wrote a second review that concluded my thoughts on this audio bible.

In the Wycliffe Bible, I read John and Romans. I also made good headway in 1 Corinthians--I think I'm around chapter nine or chapter ten. What surprised me in this New Testament--a book which I'm loving by the way--is that the ordering of the books is different. I read in the introduction to this one that this was the Lollard's preferred ordering. Instead of having Acts after John, they do quite a bit of Paul's letters. I believe--if memory serves me--that they put Acts after Hebrews.

It was slower going in the ESV study Bible. I read some of the front matter--introduction to the Old Testament, introduction to the Pentateuch, introduction to Genesis--but only the first few chapters of Genesis itself. There are A LOT of notes. It's not that they're not interesting--they are--but it's time consuming.

In my podcasting, I'm listening to the ESV audio bible. So far that means Genesis 1 - 11.

In Christian fiction, I've read In the Company of Secrets by Judith Miller, and its sequel Whispers Along the Rails.

My goals for next week:

To read the rest of 1 Corinthians, to read 2 Corinthians, and to maybe just maybe get to Galatians as well in the Wycliffe Bible.

In ESV Study Bible, my goal is to read through Genesis 5. I'd like to make it to Genesis 11--to cover all the chapters about Noah and the Flood so that I can get to the 'good' stuff: Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph. But I don't know how fast I can go if I keep up with the study notes. And really the point isn't to see how fast you can get through something. So I'll be content with reaching Genesis 5.

I'd also like to read one or two Christian books--I haven't decided if it should be one fiction and one nonfiction...or if it should be two fiction titles.


Dani in NC said...

Wow, it never occurred to me that some Bible versions have the books in a different order. I just finished listening to Acts and I can see how it might have made more sense to do some of the letters first.

Janet said...

Yes, I'll bet it yields some new insights and helps you see connections you haven't seen before.