Saturday, January 24, 2009

Translation of the Week: Wycliffe, part 3

From Luke 2

And shepherds were in the same country, waking and keeping the watches of the night on their flock. And lo, the angel of the Lord stood beside them, and the clearness of God shone about them, and they dreaded with great dread. And the angel said to them, Nil ye dread, for lo, I preach to you a great joy that shall be to all people. For a Savior is born today to you that is Christ the Lord in the city of David. And this is a token to you, ye shall find a young child lapped in clothes and laid in a cratche. And suddenly there was made with the angel a multitude of heavenly knighthood, herying God and saying, Glory be in the highest things to God, and in earth peace to men of good will. And it was done, as the angels passed away from them into heaven, the shepherds spoke together and said, Go we over to Bethlehem and see we this word that is made, which the Lord has made and shown to us.

From Luke 6

Each that comes to Me and hears My words, and does them, I shall show to you to whom he is like. He is like to a man that builds an house, that digged deep and set the fundament on a stone. And when great flood was made, the flood was hurtled to that house and it might not move it, for it was founded on a sad stone. But he that hears and does not, is like to a man building his house on earth without fundament, into which the flood was hurled and anon it fell down, and the falling down of that house was made great.

From Luke 11

And it was done when He was praying in a place, as He ceased, one of His disciples said to Him, Lord, teach us to pray, as John taught his disciples. And He said to them, When ye pray, say ye, Father, hallowed be Thy name. Thy kingdom come to. Give to us today our each day's bread. And forgive to us our sins as we forgive to each man that owes to us. And lead us not into temptation.

From Luke 12

And when much people stood about so that they trod each on other, He began to say to His disciples, Be ye ware of the sourdough of the Pharisees that is hypocrisy. For nothing is hiled that shall not be showed, neither hid that shall not be wist. For why, those things that ye have said in darknesses, shall be said in light. And that that ye have spoken in ear in the couches, shall be preachesd in roofs. And I say to you, My Friends, be ye not afeared of them that slay the body, and after these things have no more what they shall do. But I shall show to you whom ye shall dread. Dread ye Him that after He has slain, He has power to send into hell. And so I say to you, dread ye Him. Whether five sparrows are not sold for two halfpence, and one of them is not in forefeiting before God? But also all the hairs of your head are numbered. Therefore nil ye dread. Ye are of more price than many sparrows.

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