Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Book Review: Lonely in Longtree

Set in the 1890's, LONELY IN LONGTREE is the story of Marva Obermeier's quest for love. Her search starts in the local newspaper, Longtree Enquirer. Using the pseudonym "Lonely in Longtree" she posts a personal ad:

Single woman of good reputation, in possession of small but prosperous farm, requires godly man of solid character as husband. Must tolerate presence of elderly parents. I can manage a farm alone but would prefer companionship. I am healthy, average in appearance and education, and easygoing by nature. I neither expect nor desire romantic overtures. Interested parties may contact the Longtree Enquirer for further information.(9)

The ad catches the attention of one man, Monte Van Huysen, in particular. He replies to her ad as "Lucky in Lakeland."

In answer to your advertisement posted in a March edition of the Longtree Enquirer, I proffer myself as a candidate for the position. Age 38 this month, never married, of sound health and character, I am a God-fearing man. I lay claim to considerable wooded property in the north of the state and plan to build come spring. Your parents are welcome. Sell the farm and stock and travel north to God's country. Or come first and see if the climate and conditions suit. If you dislike pine trees and sparkling lakes, you'll hate it here. (11)

Two years later, these two are still corresponding via the newspaper, but have yet to exchange names. But Marva has a plan for getting a sneak peek at her would-be suitor! Joining a group of travelers--including her parents and several friends of the family--she will be visiting Lakeland and staying at a lodge. The only problem is to figure out which lodge is owned by a bachelor who meets his description. But Marva is confident that she can pick him out of a crowd....

From the moment his eyes meet hers, Monte knows Miss Obermeir must be "Lonely in Longtree." Unfortunately, her eyes (and suspicions) land elsewhere. Can these two come clean with each and admit their growing love...or will a case of mistaken identities cause days and weeks of heartache?

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