Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sunday Salon: Week in Review (Jan 4 - Jan 10)

This week--let's see--I finished reading 1 Corinthians, read 2 Corinthians, Galatians, Ephesians, and Philippians. All of this reading was in the Wycliffe Bible. One of these days, I'm going to have to quote some of my favorite snippets so that you can understand my delight in reading this particular new testament.

As far as the ESV Bible goes, I read Genesis 3-8 this past week. Not horrible. More than I was expecting even. But not quite where I hoped to be. I really, really wanted to get to Genesis 12.

In podcasting fun, we're now in Job. I didn't get a chance to listen to Saturday's podcast yet (or Sunday's podcast for that matter). But we've covered Job 1-23 I think as of Friday. And once I get up to date (hopefully this afternoon) things should be back on track. This isn't the most *fun* way to ever read the Bible. But I'm looking at it is as all extra. My mind has a tendancy to wonder when I'm listening. Then again, that can happen when I'm reading too!

That would make a good question-of-the-week, I think, what do you do when you're mind wonders when you're reading the Bible...I'll form it up and make it official later. :)

In non-Bible-reading news, I finished An Uncertain Dream by Judith Miller. I'll have the review up next week. It was the conclusion to the Postcards from Pullman series. I'll share more thoughts in that review about the series strengths and weaknesses as a whole.

I'll be participating in the NEVER SAY DIET tour tomorrow. I read the book. But don't hold me to following it! I'm just not in the mindset to go there. I know I should be willing to give up soft drinks--cokes--in the name of my health and well being. But so not ready to go there. I'm not an addict--necessarily--but me without caffeine so not pretty. I could be worse. A lot worse. I've heard of people drinking four or five or six a day. One lady on Dr. Phil even had a whole twelve pack a day. I'm not that sick. Really. I'm ready to commit to eating vegetables, vegetables, vegetables, and more vegetables. And I'm even ready to commit to giving up 90% of 'white bread' type products. (At home I only do whole wheat/whole grains. I'm way into fiber! But I do like eating out once or twice a week and so two or three times a week, I eat things that I wouldn't dream of eating at home if I was fixing it myself and eating it on a daily basis.) But not my cokes. Not gonna happen.

The other nonfiction I've been reading is a little booklet called "A Book You'll Actually Read: Church Leadership." It's by Mark Driscoll.

My goals this week:

To read Colossians through 2 Thessalonians in the Wycliffe Bible. Ideally, I'd like to make it through to Philemon as well. But we'll have to see how this week plays out. In the ESV Study Bible, I'd like to read Genesis 9 through 15. I'd love to get further than that. Because I feel it just keeps getting better and better--more interesting. But there's no need to speed-read. So I'll do what I can do comfortably and meaningfully. I'd like to read two more Christian books--fiction or nonfiction.


MizB said...

you sound like me, with your Cokes, Becky! I, too, REALLY need to give up drinking them, but have a hard time doing so. So far, this year (2009), though, I've only given in ONCE... and I'm determined to go without. The caffeine has been messing with my sleep, etc, so it has to go... one a month, maybe, but that's it. ;)

Wendy Byard said...

Hi Becky:
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Janet said...

I'm impressed at your progress with the Bible!

I don't drink soft drinks, but don't ask me to give up chocolate. :-)

Wendy Byard said...

Thank you Becky for adding a post about my book. I just found out that it's available for pre ordering through and Again, thank you for the opportunity to reach people with my Christian message: encouraging teachers to love their students. Reach for classroom miracles!

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