Saturday, June 8, 2019

Turning Eleven!

Eleven years ago today I started Operation Actually Read Bible. My first post was called THE MISSION.

My goal--obvious as it may be--is to actually read the Bible. You might think that I've not read it. But that wouldn't be the case. I've read it a dozen or so times over the past twenty years. However, I've not been in the habit of reading it lately. For the past three or four years, my reading of the Bible has been pitiful to nil. I know--rationally speaking--that I NEED to read the Bible...that I NEED to study and read and pray. But it's not a part of my daily routine. Hence why I'm challenging myself to ACTUALLY read the Bible instead of just talking about how I need to start one day soon.

Most years--if not all--I "celebrate" the occasion by choosing some of my favorite posts from the past year.

Ten favorite posts from June 9, 2018 to June 8, 2019.

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On Being Berean part one, On Being Berean part two
Berean Playlist #1 Trading My Sorrows, #2 Awesome God, #3 I Could Sing of Your Love Forever, #4 Happy Song, #5 We Need Jesus, #6 Blessed Be Your Name, #7 Gracefully Broken,
Vain Imaginations 
"Not a Plan" Bible Reading Plan 
Book Review: A Book of Comfort and For Those In Sickness 
Book Review: Together: United Methodists of Temple, Tabernacle and Table PLUS Additional thoughts on Together.
Bible review: My Creative Bible 

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